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Change of conference hotel

The conference halls were originally arranged in the campus of China University of Geosciences (CUG). However, because the number of participants registered is much more than expected, all activities of the conference (lecture, accommodation, and meals, etc.) will take place in the New Beacon Luguang International Hotel (4-star hotel) which is about 25-minute walk from the campus of CUG. This change, without any additional increase in cost, will save us the transportation in the city center in rush hours. The hotel to the shopping center is about 5-minute walk; please do not get lost in the shopping center!


The hotel address: No. 124 Minyuan Road, East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan

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Dear colleagues and friends,


    Interdisciplinary geobiology is rapidly growing at the interface between geoscience and bioscience. As seen in elsewhere in the world, geobiology in China received great attention in recent years by both scientists and administrative officials. Some large geobiology programs, including a series of key programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation, the 973 program by Ministry of Science and Technology, and the 111 program by Ministry of Education, have been launched in China to bring the geoscientists and bioscientists to work together. Chinese Academy of Sciences also launched a program to propose the future strategy for the development of geobiology as a scientific discipline. Geobiology is being or was listed in a series of strategy reports on scientific disciplines of China for the coming 10 years.


   Following the geobiology workshop in 2008, the 1st International Geobiology Conference was held in 2010 at Wuhan, focusing on ancient geobiological processes. The 2nd International Geobiology Conference in 2012 concentrated on modern geobiological processes including the earth’s critical zones. To further bridge the linkage of the ancient records (deep-time geobiology) with the modern day observations, we are going to hold the 3rd International Conference of Geobiology in 2014 at Wuhan, central China.


   The Chinese Organizing Committee, in collaboration with related national /international organizations and research institutes, is delighted to cordially invite you to the 3rd International Conference of Geobiology. This meeting offers an important forum in which geologists, paleontologists, biologists, microbiologists, biogeochemists and other scientists with diverse approaches and methodologies can meet, and exchange ideas on a wide range of topics related to the coupling system of the biosphere and geosphere. I hope that such exchange and integration will accelerate the development of geobiology and the earth system sciences as a whole.


   I hope that this invitation may help you to apply for visa in local Chinese embassies. I look forward to seeing you at Wuhan in June, 2014.



Shucheng XIE


May 31, 2013


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